How Great I Am

Yes ... how great I am. Look in the mirror - say it - believe it. Prove it to yourself. Stay Hungry.

Blast from the past

A race is a race is a race. All the competitors are "about" on the same level. NOT so! Watch as one of these athletes turns on the afterburners to completely dominate!

John Force – A 15-Time Champion Funny Car Driver

John Force is one of the most successful and dominant race car drivers of all times. Although the video doesn't tell his race history in detail, he is the dictionary definition of Get Hungry - Stay Hungry.

Wrestler Jordan Burroughs

"All I See Is Gold" is the name of his website - it's his driving force - it's his mantra. I don't know if it's true or not but I've heard that he even tries to outwork his shadow! That's HUNGER my man.
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