A Game of Hope

Have you ever cheered for the other team? Prepare to be swept off your feet.

Blast from the past

A race is a race is a race. All the competitors are "about" on the same level. NOT so! Watch as one of these athletes turns on the afterburners to completely dominate!

Cody’s Story

This is what happens when someone says YES I CAN. Disregarding everyone else that says "it's not possible". Stand back and watch him!

Morris Goodman – The Miracle Man

What should you do if you have been written off by everybody - EXCEPT you? You Get Hungry and Stay Hungry. And you earn the name "The Miracle Man".

How Great I Am

Your competition is working right now. What are you doing? Are you outworking them? Out-hustling them? Are you hungrier than your competition?

Team Hoyt

#1 all time motivational and inspirational true story.
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