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Just words?  We don't think so.  We believe it's an awakening. An attitude. A LIFESTYLE.

At Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® we have a very clear plan:  PLANT SEEDS OF GREATNESS.   Our goal is to empower people to rise to the levels they only dreamed were possible.  To deliver personal inspiration and motivation people desire, but may not know how to achieve on their own.  To recognize and celebrate those who have persevered and overcame life's obstacles to see their dreams turn into reality.  All this through an ever expanding motivational online and offline community of incredible people who come together to share and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, professionally, and socially.   It's an environment designed to positively impact and encourage members from all walks of life to step out beyond their self-imposed boundaries and experience the feelings of confidence and fulfillment through their actions and personal achievements.

What could you accomplish

if you had the passion,

desire, energy, focus,

and confidence

to do anything?

Would you do it?

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Have you ever wondered why athletes continue to shatter records, business people blow the top off of sales goals, some individuals may accomplish more in one year than others do in a lifetime, and some people climb up from the lowest points in their lives and SOAR to new heights - heights they've never even dreamed possible? There are many other examples of these victories, but, the thing to take note of is that it's not dependent on age, education, knowledge, or even experience. It's something different - MUCH different.

THEY HAVE A CRAVING FOR GREATNESS! A Hunger.  They got hungry - they stayed hungry - and they never looked back.

They have a burning desire to have or do

more for themselves or their loved ones

and will stop at nothing. They turn mistakes into

learning experiences, obstacles into stepping stones,

and problems into opportunities.  They only see solutions.

They do NOT see boundaries or limitations.

Image of Wheel Chair Athlete
Scenic Curvy Road in Autumn

We have a burning desire to create a large

community of incredible people looking to Get Hungry

and Stay Hungry.  We also aim to provide a full menu

of motivational tools so that we may all grow

together.  Why?  Because we're all in this together

... and friend, WE'RE not "there" yet!

Here's What We're Servin' Up .....

Stories/interviews/articles/videos/images- Motivational stories and more of hungry and/or successful people, as well as exclusive Get Hungry-Stay Hungry® interviews that will inspire.

Our Store- Proudly wear or display a variety of Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® items to stay motivated and to motivate others. Give the gift of inspiration by sharing Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® merchandise with your family, friends, teams, and co-workers.

E-Cards - Send an e-card in seconds to show others your support, offer a quick pick-me-up, or just share a special "I'm thinking of you" message. As a registered member you can take full advantage of the expanded card selection for all occasions. Our e-card collection will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Registered membership is required.

Newsletter - Stay on top of the latest and greatest information, stories, interviews, tools, new products, special deals we've arranged with associates and affiliates, and MUCH more. Registered membership is required.

Forums - This is where YOU shine! The heart and soul of our website, the forums are where the Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® community gathers to share stories and experiences, give and receive advice, make new friends, encourage each other, and GROW. That's right, grow - as an individual and as a community. Forum posts will be available to everyone, but you must be a registered member to post messages, comments, and questions.  Registered membership is required. (COMING SOON!)

Feedback - This is YOUR website - so get involved! We're open to your ideas to make Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® the best it can be. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to "stay hungry" every day and keep your eyes open for others who need to "get hungry." Invite them to be part of our community!


"Everything starts from something." Now that

sounds familiar doesn't it? So does,"Rome wasn't

built in a day." Well, we ARE somewhere AND

this is something AND today IS a great day

to start building. So let's get started and

experience this journey together. My friend ...



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PS - On a personal note:

For me - Nike's "Just Do It"® is no doubt of legendary status among trademarks and slogan/logo marketing campaigns, but to me it just never really hit home as a great motivator or words of inspiration. It was more like something that my mom might say - "Just Do It"! I didn't need my mom's voice in my head telling me to "Just do it". I also liked the slogan/logo "No Fear"® as kind of a mental push forward through something that intimidated me but it also wasn't the deep seeded conviction that I needed. These, along with others were all good sayings, but, I needed a FEELING to go along with the words. To me, these were kind of superficial and I needed something MUCH deeper - something that would keep me awake at night and pull me out of bed in the morning. I needed a fire that would burn deep down inside my soul that would constantly push me out of my comfort zone and keep me moving forward no matter what life threw at me. Something that would GET me going and KEEP me going ... something that would keep me "HUNGRY ". YES !!! That was it - ALL of it - everything I needed. HUNGER. A deep seeded, "from the inside out", type of motivator. Hunger. A personal "you're not there yet - so keep moving" type of driving force. Hunger. The arch-enemy of complacency. A hunger for continuous change and growth. I found it - HUNGER. My friend, if you haven't found your hunger - I hope you find it soon.  Great things are waiting for you ... if and when you're hungry.  If you found your hunger and feed it every day ... congratulations and keep up the great work!  And hey - help the ones you love find the hunger they're looking for.  It's not only your job but your responsibility.  STAY HUNGRY my friend.

- Shane


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