What’s the difference between a DREAM and a GOAL?

A dream is something that floats around in your head and makes for good conversation if you can find someone who is willing to listen.

A goal is something that is written down and has direction, purpose, clear outcomes and objectives, and has the potential to deliver your dreams.Doll with hands on head image

The thing many people struggle with is:


Don’t worry. We all crawled before we walked and we walked before we ran. Just as you have learned to do everything else in your life, goal setting is a learned skill and an absolutely necessary and valuable tool that you must adopt and practice if you truly want to change your life and reach your goals. Now, there’s good news and there’s bad news (not really bad news - just “different”).

The good news is – right here and now you will learn how to change the rest of your life. The bad news is – you can NOT do it in your present form. What I mean is that with the habits you have today and how you think and apply yourself today will NOT permit you to reach your goals and dreams.

First and foremost: YOU need to change YOU! That’s right friend, and this must be crystal clear. A transformation needs to occur within you. If this personal transformation doesn’t occur everything will continue to be the same and you’ll still be sitting in the same place getting the same results. This is NOT an option. You CAN change - you can do this. You WANT to do this. You WILL do this! Before you are finished reading these instructions you will have a complete understanding of this “you need to change you” concept. Actually, by the time you're done reading this and processing the information in your head, I firmly believe the process will have already started!

Before we go any farther there are a couple things we need to go over regarding goals.

First, there are 3 rules that you must follow regarding your goals.

Rule #1 - Write down your goals.

Rule #2 - Write down your goals.

Rule #3 - Don't forget rules #1 and #2 !!

***The important point here is that if you

write down your goals you will

ALWAYS have a target to shoot for ***

Second, a “goal” absolutely-positively does NOT care who owns it or what duration of time has been assigned to it. You’re the one that will give it life and you'll decide when it's going to be reached.  It's yours for the taking!

Goals – “long term” versus “short term”. Generally speaking, short term goals would be considered within the next 1-2 years or less whereas long term goals would be considered all periods of time past 2 years. It is worth mentioning that it’s truly only important and meaningful to the person creating the goals because one person may perceive 2 years as long term but yet another person perceives 20 years as long term.

Regardless of the goals, short or long term, they are your road map – designed by you and for you – with the intention of getting you from point A to point B in the period of time that you’ve specified. It doesn’t mean there won’t be detours, traffic jams, pot holes, and construction zones along the way. The road to success is ALWAYS under construction. That will never change. That’s why it will be imperative that you stay strong-minded, focused, and determined in the quest to reach your goals. At the same time you will need to demonstrate some patience, flexibility, and creativeness as you travel the path to get there. There is more than one way to get there. So if one way doesn’t work you WILL find another way to get there. You absolutely will !

You may already have specific goals in mind but here is a list of some different areas of your life you may want to consider:

- Personal development and growth.

- Health (physical, emotional, spiritual).

- Family (present and/or future).

- Relationships (personal, professional, spiritual).

- Financial stability or beyond.

- Home location or relocation.

- Experiences to have or share.

- Formal education or life experience.

- Career and business development.

- Adventure and travel.

- Contributions or directly serving others.

- Your life = your dreams = your goals.

We have created an acronym to help you plan and follow your goals. The acronym is easily remembered as "HUNGER". Once you learn it and apply it you will be on your way! We believe it will not only change the way you think about your future, but once applied, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR FUTURE !

Let's take a look at the "HUNGER" acronym below. Here is the "birds-eye" view of the HUNGER acronym. Below, we will get into more details about each of the areas.

H - Have clear and specific goals along with mental pictures of those goals.

U - Understanding of the sacrifices, obstacles, failures, and emotions.

N - Negative people or taking No action will create pain in your life.

G - Gather all the imaginable resources together that you will need.

E - Engage and Execute your plan with all your energy, focus, and tools.

R - Rejoice, Relax, and Repeat the goal setting process.

Okay, now that you've seen the birds-eye view of what the HUNGER acronym stands for, lets take a closer look at each one of these steps in more detail.

Doll with H on board

Have clear and specific goals along with mental pictures of those goals. Keep in mind that general goals will only get you general results - at best. A specific goal will keep your mind and energy focused. ***(Here’s an example. A general goal would be to drive to California. A little more specific goal would be to drive to San Diego, California. An extremely specific goal would be to drive to 122 Beach Front Drive, San Diego, California. You can see the difference between general and specific). Think of it like this. If you were shooting a gun a "general" goal would be to hit the target you are shooting at. A "specific" goal would be to hit the bulls-eye in the center of the target. I mentioned a "mental picture". This will serve more than one purpose. It will help you with the clarity of your goals and dreams. If you can see them in your head - you can put them down on paper. Also, when you can picture them in your mind you will automatically become emotional. These emotions will drive you. They will cause you to move ... to take action. They will keep you hungry! Your emotions need to be a vital part of your goal planning process.

Your goal plan must start by answering the "5 - W's"man with question mark

WHO    is involved? Is it only yourself or will other people be involved? If other people are involved you will need to specify what you and every other person involved will be responsible for in order for you to reach the goal.

WHAT    is the goal? It needs to be as clear and specific as possible. The more time you spend defining the specifics of your goal, the easier your goal (target) will be for you to focus on. Your goal also needs to be an “attainable” goal. This just means don't make it unrealistic but make it significant enough to take you towards your dreams, make you work hard, develop new skills, attitudes, abilities, and thought processes. *Important: It needs to take you beyond your comfort zoneRemember, a goal that may seem far reaching today will eventually become more attainable as you develop new abilities and skills. Don’t underestimate yourself and your ability to grow. We crawl before we walk. We walk before we run. You will be running – expect it - give it some time.

WHERE    is the goal to take place? Maybe the work is to take place in one or more different locations or maybe everything is to take place where you sit right now. Maybe the goal itself will take you to a completely different place. List the specifics.

WHEN    will this goal be started and when will it be obtained - by what date specifically? Also, you must have clear and defined ways to measure your progress along the way in order for you to be certain that you are on track and will reach your goal by the time or deadline that you have specified.

WHY    do you desire this goal? Be honest. What is the purpose for your goal and how will it serve you or serve others? This next sentence is EXTREMELY important and should NOT be ignored. Think about the feelings and emotions you will experience when you reach this goal – confidence, achievement, happiness and pleasure. Also, think about the feelings and emotions you would experience if you decide to do nothing and just forget all about your goal - the feeling of pain and regret. Imagine yourself experiencing those feelings and emotions and that will motivate you to focus on your goal because ultimately your goal WILL deliver feelings and emotions to you or others important to you. It is as simple as experiencing pleasure (reaching your goal) or experiencing pain (making no attempts toward your goal).

Understand this, again, you MUST attach feelings and emotions (and a mental picture) to your goals. Another extremely important fact for you to understand and believe is that you are capable and worthy of reaching this goal. If you put in the work and reach your goal, you deserve it! After all, other people do it - why not you. Right? Right!

It can't be stressed enoughvisualization, visualization, visualization! You must get into the habit of closing your eyes and virtually seeing yourself reaching your goals. Have the image, plan, and experience in your mind - take a mental picture of it. This will make your goal writing easier because you have already seen it! Now you just have to write down the steps to get there!

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Doll with U on board

Understand that, absolutely-positively, good and bad, there will be sacrifices, obstacles, failures, and emotions that you most likely will encounter in your journey. You need to understand and expect that you will not reach your goal without sacrificing “something”. This is a reality you must embrace. You should also expect obstacles. It is critically important that YOU do not become one of your obstacles! What about failures? Many people become paralyzed by their fear of failing before they even get started. Not you! Think about this: at this very moment you are the oldest that you've ever been AND the youngest that you'll ever be.  You don't have time to waste. You can't be sidelined by fear - it's not an option. Now that this is settled we are going to look at this differently from here moving forward. Although it's true that some people call them failures … you will not be one of these people! You will refer to these times or situations as “learning opportunities. Practice saying it with me right now - "learning opportunities". That needs to become part of your vocabulary. When you experience a set-back, you will learn how “not” to do something next time, or learn how to do something differently, or just learn how to be creative enough to go through, over, or around anything that steps in your path. This is an absolute truth and it's well documented ... successful people fail more frequently than anyone else!  Why? Because they are willing to take more risks than anyone else in order to reach their goals. Again, it's a well documented fact. The important thing to note is that they don't see these events as failures AND they grow from these "learning opportunities" and keep moving forward. You will do the same - period.

Emotionally - you can count on experiencing some “up’s and down’s”. Expect it. It doesn't matter if it's "up" or "down", it's temporary. Deal with it and keep moving forward. Remember, do NOT be one of your own obstacles ... mentally, emotionally, or physically.

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Doll with N on board

Negative people that you let influence your life and/or taking No action at all will create pain in your life. There is a stark reality that we need to get out in the open and we'll do it right here. Regardless of what you may or may not believe, there will be people who will want to see you succeed, and unfortunately there will be people who want to see you fail. You do not have the time or space in your life for negative people! Ignore and avoid these people as if they don’t even exist. Like a rock in your shoe: Stop - remove it - keep on walkin'. Treat these people like that rock in your shoe. Outta there! NO time or place in your space.

Something else to understand is that if you decide not to take action towards your goals, you will most likely suffer pain and regret later in life. Really, what do you have to lose? Even if you fail miserably and don’t learn one single lesson, you’ll still be sitting in the exact same place as if you never tried at all! You’ve got absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, put the pencil to the paper and start working on your goals!

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Doll with G on board

Gather all the imaginable resources together that you will need. You're going on a journey - get prepared! Find and surround yourself with what you will need because nobody has ever reached their goals or success by themselves - “somebody or something” helped them along the way. It may be your family, friends, spouse, teacher, books, a mentor, spiritual guidance, different types of information or technology, financial resources, or even someone who has already accomplished what you're trying to do. Get prepared - and DO NOT be too proud to ask for help! You’ll be surprised how many people will go out of their way to help you when they see your passion. (Another tip; it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to learn from other peoples mistakes. Observe, listen, and learn). Remember: You are a thinking and learning machine – act like one!

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Doll with E on board

Engage and Execute your plan with all your energy, focus, and tools.

In your minds eye you have seen your dream. You've taken into account the feelings of pleasure vs. pain and you desire to obtain the pleasure and avoid the pain. You have meticulously created a specific goal plan that will allow that dream to be your reality. You understand there will be sacrifices, obstacles, failures (a.k.a. “learning opportunities”), and emotional swings. You have accepted that fact that negative people have no place in your life. You also have acknowledged that doing nothing at all to reach your goals will cause pain and regret later in your life. You have gathered all your information, people, tools, and resources together. You completely understand and appreciate that you will continue to develop and refine the skills, abilities, attitudes, habits, and thought processes needed to reach your goals. You recognize and accept that you are worthy of and deserve all of the fruits of your labor and the success that accompanies reaching your goals. It’s crucial that you understand and believe this to be true. Every day you will continue to develop the self-image, attitude, and self-respect you need to handle the successes of your goals. You and your goals are works in progress.

IMPORTANT: You will need to make "pit stops" during your journey to measure your progress. You have to pause for a moment to see where you started, where you are currently, and where you are going. What if you were off track and didn't know it? You absolutely, positively MUST-MUST-MUST take measurements along the way! Look at your goals, your blueprint for success, and see if you’re on the right track and if you are on schedule or behind/ahead of schedule. Make any necessary adjustments as needed! Take a deep breath, smile, and keep moving forward. You may not be there yet, but you also won't be where you once were - you'll be on your way. My friend - STAY HUNGRY!

Be a student of life. Be a student for life. Now, you have all the pieces to the puzzle - it's time to go to work! Put your plan into action. GO!

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Doll with R on board

Rejoice, Relax, and Repeat the goal setting process. Congratulations. At this point you will have successfully reached the goal you committed yourself to. You worked hard, made sacrifices, and learned from successes and failures (“learning opportunities”) along the way. You have developed into a more confident and competent thinking, learning, and performing individual. At this point you will need to give yourself a pat on the back and respectfully thank every person who helped you reach this milestone - and invite them to celebrate with you. Experience the happiness and pleasure of the moment. Note that at one time in this journey you were crawling, then walking, then running ... now celebrating! Take a mental picture of it because in the future you will be looking BACK at it. Sleep well tonight my friend because tomorrow you go back to work - because the “R” also stands for “repeat”. “Get Hungry” is you committing to the goal, and “Stay Hungry” is you taking all the steps required in order to reach that goal. The other part of “Stay Hungry” is the continued growth and change. The continued HUNGER. It's the "what's next - what's your next goal? Keep up the great work!

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Dolls with red PLAN blocksYour goals and dreams will give birth to new and specific thoughts, words, feelings and emotions which will direct you to generate specific plans to reach those goals. Your desire and commitment to these goals will immediately and completely thrust you out of your comfort zone and you will learn, see, think, believe, act, grow, and experience things at a rate you never imagined possible compared to that small and restrictive comfort zone that you once lived in. The applied repetition of newly learned actions will soon mature into new habits and as a result you will begin to experience successes that were not within your reach previous to you being “HUNGRY”. You will develop into an individual of character who will possess the necessary skills and abilities and who is deserving and capable of reaching your goals. Your new way of believing, thinking and doing will deliver your goals, which at that point may seem almost outgrown for a person of your confidence and experience. "STAY HUNGRY” and keep moving forward.

Get Hungry Stay Hungry Goal Cycle Logo

The Get Hungry - Stay Hungry® Goal Cycle NEVER changes.

#1 - GET HUNGRY.  Your goals and dreams.

#2 - Thoughts, words, feelings and emotions.

#3 - Goal setting plan.

#4 - Action, growing, learning and thinking.

#5 - New habits, skills, and abilities.

#6 - New "HUNGRY" perceptions, character, and priorities.

#7 - Reach your goal.  CELEBRATE!

#8 - STAY HUNGRY.  Repeat the cycle.


The "HUNGER" Goal Setting Blueprint NEVER changes. It's kind of like the shampoo bottle says - "wash, rinse, repeat".

Get Hungry → plan your plan using the "HUNGER" acronym → Stay Hungry → meet your small goals on the way to your target goal → REPEAT.

HELP OTHERS - Share this information with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Help motivate them to take their dreams and turn them into their reality and change their lives. 

*** Here's a question for you friend ***

What are you going to do?  Well, you have the information you need to start mapping out your future - what are you going to do with it?

The way I see it you have 3 options:

1 - Do nothing.  (PS - This is NOT AN OPTION!!!)

2 - Take the information you just learned above about the H.U.N.G.E.R. goal setting outline and put it into action.

3 - Take a short-cut.  Huh ...?  Yeah, take a short-cut!  I've got some GREAT news for you.

Well, the first piece of great news is that you're still reading this and that proves to both of us that you're not satisfied with where you're at right now, you're HUNGRY, and you're interested in seeing something change for the better.  That's awesome!

The second piece of great news is that you've just spent some time reading all of this information and you've learned something about goal setting that you can put to use today!  Congratulations.

The third and BEST piece of great news is that we've created a complete goal setting program and it's ready for you to put it to work immediately!  Yes ... you heard me right.  We've built the H.U.N.G.E.R. Goal Setting Program™ - which includes a complete set of forms/templates - and you can get your hands on it and put it to work today.  Want to know more about this great program?

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