Why Nebraska? Because you can make a difference right where you're standing.

You bloom where you’re planted, right? That’s why we’re kicking off the Get Hungry – Stay Hungry® mission right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and throughout the "Good Life" state.  You don’t have to look far to see why planting a powerful seed in this fertile soil is the best place to start.

Image of Nebraska The Good Life Sign

Our People Honesty. Hard work. Character. Tradition. Values. Culture. Determination. Motivation. Innovation. It’s the norm, not the exception, in a state where faith, family and friends are the foundation – and where strangers, especially those in need, aren’t strangers for long.

Our Places Big cities and small towns. Open prairies and rolling hills. Blizzards and blistering heat. Vibrant nightlife and front porch chats. Nebraska’s landscape is a reflection of the great diversity of people who are proud to call this state home.

Our Pride The Sower stands majestically atop the State Capitol – barefoot with his sleeves rolled up, casting the seeds of life. It’s a symbolic reminder that great things come from hard work. And that each seed – each person standing tall with a big heart, bold ideas and unwavering dedication – can make great things happen.

That’s what Get Hungry – Stay Hungry is all about: sowing the seeds of greatness in and around you and cultivating the soil so those seeds flourish.

Image of The Sower on the State Capitol Building

Our Passion Pick a passion – any passion. You’ll find it in Nebraska. From quilting and bull riding, to church and cheerleading, from kids’ sports to senior bingo. But truth be told, there’s one passion that brings this state to its feet. That’s our love for all things Husker – baseball, volleyball, basketball – and on those crisp fall Saturdays: Husker football. It’s the sport that turns Memorial Stadium into Nebraska’s third-largest city, that boasts the best fans in college football, and that has sold out its games since 1962! Some Husker faithful have even named their babies after their favorite Husker players! Husker fans congregate in their homes, at sports bars, or just huddled around any radio or television they can find.  It's found in every city, town, and even in the fields.  Our brave military gather in tents and barracks all over the world to cheer on their favorite Big Red teams.

Decked out in our favorite red apparel, we cheer on our Huskers, applaud the opposing teams and welcome their fans with open arms. Passionate? I’d say!

Why Nebraska? Why Not! It’s this same passion – the seed, the motivation for your goals and dreams – that we’ll plant right here with Get Hungry – Stay Hungry. Ours is a fertile soil ripe for cultivating greatness in ourselves and in others. Let’s turn some dirt, and get this thing growing!

We’d be honored to see you in Get Hungry – Stay Hungry garb to help build momentum in Nebraska.  Or - maybe you're not in Nebraska - but your heart is.  We'd love your support and we'd love to support you.

Visit our online store to see what we have for you to choose from.

Image Get Hungry Stay Hungry Nebraska T-shirt

OR - if you’re in south Lincoln, stop by Scheels to pick up a Get Hungry –Stay Hungry Nebraska t-shirt…because right now Nebraska is where it all begins.

Get Hungry – Stay Hungry Nebraska!

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