I was recently in the middle of a fantastic book called, "Jesus, Entrepreneur," (originally published as, "Jesus, Inc.") by Laurie Beth Jones when I ran across something that I call "The Power of I". In the book Laurie is telling a story about the merging of two very different businesses with two very different cultures. She goes on to explain about struggles and obstacles they faced trying to come together as one company. Laurie explained that due to the different feelings, customs, and practices of the two companies, the leaders needed to "untie" some of the differences before they could "unite" as a single company and move forward.

It was Laurie that discovered that by changing the position of the letter "i" - you can go from "untie" to "unite".  I understood what I read at the time and I went on to finish the chapter. I put the book down and took care of a few things that were awaiting my attention. About an hour or so later it hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't know if it was Laurie's original intention and I just missed it as I read it - but it suddenly occurred to me that the position of the "I" had much deeper implications. That "I" is me ... and it's you! Wow. I, you, we, us ... we have the ability to make things go this way or that way. What I mean is just how we position ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, actions, motives, etc..., we have the ability to make something "united" or "untied", or in Laurie's words, "chaos".

"I" have the ability to unite my family, friends, co-workers, business partners, community ... "I". On the flip side of that coin, "I" have the ability to create total chaos in all those things as well. Well my friend, to me it's a no-brainer.

So several hours later - there I was standing in front of the mirror - reciting my new mission with the information I discovered in Laurie's book: "I - will do everything within my power, all day, every day, to curb chaos within my life. I will promote and encourage organization, strength, potential, courage, discipline, teamwork, motivation, success, and a positive attitude with every person I speak to - because I have the power to unite or untie all the people and organizations whom surround me".

I invite you to adopt what I learned and apply it you your life and all that surrounds you. In addition to that, I'd encourage you to read any or all of Laurie's books as well as visit her website. You can find her here.

I hope you have a blessed day. I will.

Stay Hungry!

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