HELP! Yes, we're calling out for your help. We're somewhat limited when it comes to time and resources and WE NEED YOU!

We've all heard someone telling a story and they say something like, "I know a guy ... who has a friend ... who has a brother that works for Warren Buffet" (or whoever - you get my meaning). Well, we need that person to help us (or maybe it's you).  Let's be honest, you and people you know have connections that we just don't have - and that's why we need your help.

We're looking for stories, articles, interviews, videos, images, quotes, testimonials, etc... Inspirational stories of perseverance, motivation, reaching unbelievable goals or milestones, overcoming life's obstacles - we want the story!  If you know an individual (or a group/team of people) or you personally have a story to share with us - we want to share that story.  Or maybe it's a story about a coach, business person, family member, neighbor, co-worker, or someone in your community ... who knows?  Let's share that story!  Or, maybe you have a website or blog and you wrote and posted a motivational story.  Let's share it with everyone.


We'd also like (and I mean REALLY LIKE) to have you, our subscriber and "co-contributor" of this website, to do an

"Exclusive Get Hungry - Stay Hungry" interview or testimonial.  

We all want and need to know how Getting Hungry and Staying Hungry has helped people reach their goals.  What better tells a story than an interview with the person who lived (or is living) the experience - in their own words.  It truly doesn't get any better than that.  Grab that chance for the interview ... for you and for everyone else who needs to hear it.

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*** Just submit the form to us below and tell us what your story or idea is.  If we accept your story or idea, we'll contact you with further details.  Thanks!

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